Live Wire Enterprises introduced El Wire to the U.S.A in 1996. Join our list of satisfied customers including Warner Brothers, Nike, HP, Disney, GM, and more! BURNING MAN SUPER SUPER SALE!!!! for wholesale inquiries Call Now - 718.337.0454

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EL Wire is a thin cable, about the size of your mouse cord, that will light up in one of ten colors when turned on. The wire is extremely flexible,can be run for lengths of up to 300ft. Live Wire will not heat up and uses only a minimal amount of electricity allowing it to be powered by batteries for a significant amount of time. The wire is created by coating electroluminescent phosphors around a copper core which is why it is commonly called El wire. Unlike Fiber optics, the entire length of the Live Wire lights up with an even output when turned on. Live wire is often described as flexible neon but differs from neon in that it is much thinner, is flexible and not as bright. Live wire is known by many names and you may have heard it called EL wire, electroluminescent wire, Neon wire, glow string or others. To get a "feel" for the wire we recommend purchasing our sample kits Available on the Plug N' Play page

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Live wire guarantees to sell only quality wire, To Learn About the dangers of Non-Lytec El Wire Please click Here